The course can be done over two weeks or one month and involves a range of activities and expeditions from lectures, to problem solving to wilderness experiences with expert facilitators, lectures and subject matter experts. The carefully designed program includes everything from swimming with sharks in the Indian Ocean to spending five days sleeping under the stars and tracking rhino on foot in a wilderness area. From living in a rural Zulu village to volunteering projects and giving back. Everything is designed to answer one question; who are YOU and how can YOU change the world? Like they say, Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world usually do

What should I study? What are my job prospects? What are employers looking for? What skills do I need? What does a career in conservation involve? What fields are best suited to who I am? Answer these questions and get exposed a wide range of fields and opportunities in careers related to the environmental sector. What if you’re not great at math and science? Don't sweat, there are literally scores of fields of conservation related work which require very different skills to what you would typically expect. This course aims to inspire you, help you understand yourself a little bit better and what fields in environmentally related work may just suit you best!

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