Unearthed Out Of The Ordinary

Find your niche. Set yourself apart. Be employable.
Build confidence, leadership skills and the business skills to design your future.
This is no ordinary 10 days!

Looking for a career in the environmental sector? Can't find a job because you have no experience? Not sure what direction to follow and options available to you? 

Be Work Ready | Add Value | Stand Out | Social Entrepreneurship | Have a Plan B

We receive 20+ CV’s from environmental graduates every week. We’d love to be able to offer everyone experience and a chance. But running a business and employing new staff is not a simple task. Put yourself in your potential new employer's shoes, as a new graduate, what value can you offer, what experience can you bring?

You need the experience to get a job, but you can’t get a job without experience. We get it, we understand your frustration. We were there once too.

So we have designed this program as a pit stop to help young graduates find their niche (a niche is critical) ….. help you stand out and position you as a person that a potential employer will take a risk on.

We teach you ways that you can add value and bring something to the table. And most importantly, making a plan B, what if you can’t find work, what skills, interests and opportunities exist for you in the world of social entrepreneurship. Starting your own business venture or project or non-profit. This is a brutal reality but we believe every young person should be thinking about a plan B and keeping the option of being self-employed on the burner.

Ultimately, we want to help you find the best version of yourself, to sell yourself, get a clear direction, get a plan and help you find a niche and start building a future!

The program has been carefully crafted with the Wilderness Leadership School and our team with a combined 50+ years experience in the ecotourism and environmental sectors…… We’ll teach you:

  • What every employer thinks when they see your CV and questions they ask themselves
  • How to write proposals, how to pull together tenders, how to design and manage projects. All valuable keys to unlocking interest from a potential employer and critical skills in the environmental world.
  • Unearth your USP’s, what makes you different, how can you leverage this in your CV and job applications
  • Learn about social entrepreneurship and why young people are flocking to this new way of doing business and making a difference
  • Everything you need to know to start your own project or business venture, from planning, feasibility, financial management, marketing and more. Take a project from a mere idea to a fully-fledged social entrepreneurship venture.
  • Learn critical marketing skills, leave with your own website and web design skills, somewhere you can share your story and create a buzz.
  • We work through a pile of key life skills, networking, dealing with fears, planning and goal setting, working your CV and online profile, making connections with the right people and ultimately making you more than a graduate looking for a job to someone who has something valuable to offer.
  • How to “package and sell yourself” and connect with new opportunities you’ve probably never heard of
  • Be exposed to a wide range of alternative careers and career angles in the environmental sector (there’s a lot more to it than you probably think)
  • Valuable skills such as financial management, budgeting, networking, business management, project management and planning. Find out why these are all surprisingly important skills in the environmental sector and important skills for young people to have under their belts.
  • A range of useful bush skills and outdoor skills ....all with a purpose. 

We have loads of fun too, spend days helping with marine research, snorkelling with sharks, spending nights under the stars in a big five game reserve, visit local villages, learn valuable survival and resilience skills and be exposed to a range of people who can help you along your journey!

But most of all, we want you to come out of these two weeks with a whole new approach, new choices, new opportunities and a path in the right direction.
To be accepted on our program we start out by scheduling a 30-minute video call. This is just to ensure you’re a good fit for the program, we’re a good fit for you and give you a chance to ask any questions and give us chance to get to know you a bit.

Within a day or two, we will get back to you with an honest assessment of if we can help you or not. You see, we do this because we don’t want unhappy customers nor do we want you disappointed at the end of the process. We want to make sure we can add value and that you’re a good fit for the program. You also get to decide if we’re a good fit for you too. We realize that this is not for everyone and making sure it’s the right thing for you is as important to us as it is to you.



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Please complete the form below and one of our team will be in touch to schedule a follow-up video call prior to confirming your attendance. We have a maximum of seven people per intake. 

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