ETC-Africa are accredited Carbon Footprint analysts, registered with the South African Carbon Protocol. We are passionate about tourism and tourism as a tool for good!

Our carbon footprint management package specifically aims to support the tourism industry by helping you understand your carbon footprint and benchmark yourself against your peers and tourism industry best practices. 

With this information, you'll be able to tell your guests exactly what the carbon footprint of their stay with you is and how you offset it. We help you find innovative, engaging and meaningful ways to make your tourism business a force for good. 

A traveller's carbon footprint and the environmental impacts caused by tourism are becoming very relevant factors for the modern-day traveller. In Europe, people are opting for shorter haul holidays to reduce their carbon footprint (although this is a poorly informed approach - see this link) it remains a topical issue. We believe that the practice of responsible eco-tourism far outweighs the impacts of travel. In doing so, tourists will be made aware of your initiative and given the opportunity to offset their stay's carbon footprint. Not only will this incentivise travel, but it also translates into developing your business to become more efficient, effective and sustainable. According to research, 48% of tourists would offset their carbon footprint if given the means to do so. This provides an opportunity to finance your green initiatives.

In a world where climate change and managing carbon footprints are becoming important issues, we have to act now. Make the changes needed to become more carbon aware, track your emissions and work towards a more carbon-neutral future. Not only growing business opportunity, but help support our changing climate.

Climate change seems like a massive, global challenge, a challenge that at times may seem insurmountable….. but great things are done by a series of small things brought together. Our climate-aware tourism project helps you be part of the solution, little steps that collectively make a big difference.

Besides being the right thing to do, and understanding your role in one of the most topical issues for tourism in the coming years, the benefits of working with us include:

  • A chance to get on top of your carbon footprint, so you can understand your carbon footprint, impact and benchmark against industry best practice.
  • Understanding your carbon footprint opens up a range of opportunities for innovative sustainability projects and opportunities for your guests to get involved. A unique selling proposition with a lot of value.
  • Our climate aware tourism project allows you to communicate your environmental commitments in a relevant and very practical way. Our teams work with your marketing teams to communicate this clearly, accurately and meaningfully.
  • Access to carbon footprint reporting, sustainability advice and carbon project planning at a fraction of the cost of employing specialised staff and consultants.
  • One of our most exciting benefits is around exploring opportunities to engage your guests in offsetting their carbon footprint and supporting your low carbon journey.
    More practically you get:
    • A detailed baseline GreenHouse Gas Inventory (carbon footprint assessment) including Scope 1,2 and 3 emissions. This includes an analysis of various areas within your business and identifying areas for improvement and offsetting.
    • Intensity reports showing the carbon footprint per bed night or tourist.
      Support for systems to ensure ongoing monthly carbon footprint reporting and setting targets.
    • Training and support for your management team and marketing team around implementation and understanding carbon footprint reporting.
    • Use of our climate-aware branding to show your commitment.
  • Most importantly, you get a dedicated, committed team to help you along your low-carbon journey

Contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or schedule a free consultation below to talk through your carbon footprint management options

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