ETC-Africa are accredited Carbon Footprint analysts, registered with the South African Carbon Protocol. We are passionate about tourism and tourism as a tool for good! We have designed a carbon footprint management package specifically aimed at supporting the tourism industry in managing their carbon footprint in an affordable way. But more importantly ensuring your guests have the means to offset their own carbon footprint, contribute to something valuable and leave feeling  good about their stay! 

Over the years we have had many conversations about the carbon footprint of travel and tourism. In Europe, people are opting for shorter haul holidays to reduce their carbon footprint (although this is a poorly informed approach - see this link) it remains a topical issue. We believe the benefits of responsible eco-tourism far outweigh the impacts. Ensuring tourists are well informed and given the opportunity to give back, do good and offset the carbon footprint of their stay or experience with you is central to ensuring tourism remains a force for good. This also translates into an opportunity for your business to do good, become more efficient, clearly communicate what you are doing to reduce your carbon footprint and use it as a valuable unique selling proposition. 

In a world where climate change and managing carbon footprints are becoming a massive issue, we need to stay ahead of the pack, show your commitment, become more efficient and give your clients peace of mind. Research has shown that ~48% of tourists would offset their carbon footprint if given the means to do so.....and this can become an invaluable tool for financing your green initiatives. 

Our carbon footprint programme, developed specifically for the tourism industry creates a very simple, cost-effective means of getting on top of your business's carbon footprint. We keep it simple, no jargon, practical and meaningful. By joining our programme you can expect the following benefits: 

  • We develop a complete, detailed Baseline Greenhouse Gas Inventory (carbon footprint assessment) to help you understand your carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions sources. This includes details on where your emissions sources are concentrated (is it catering, logistics, rooms, activities?) across all scope 1, scope 2 and scope 3 emissions. This baseline carbon footprint is what all your future reporting and improvements will be measured against. 
  • We then use this information to calculate and explain what each tourist/bed night's carbon footprint is, this allows you to help tourists offset the carbon footprint of their stay in some very creative ways which can be used for further carbon reductions and can support marketing or social investment projects.  
  • We help identify opportunities for offsetting your carbon footprint (ultimately paid for by tourists' offset contributions) and other internal offsets opportunities relating to projects/opportunities and improved efficiencies. Whether it's using alternative energy sources, planting trees, changing the way you do certain activities or a host of more creative projects, it's all about helping you find ways to reduce your impact. 
  • We manage your ongoing carbon-related data and provide a monthly report on your carbon footprint performance, this allows for immediate real-time reporting on your carbon footprint status, measures improvements and ultimately makes annual carbon footprint reporting a simple, easy process.  
  • We provide carbon footprint management training for staff (online) and give you access to expert advice on sustainability and environmental issues impacting your business. It's critical for your team to understand and be involved in the process to get maximum impact. 
  • We help you reach a carbon-neutral status (if this is a priority) or at least reduce your carbon footprint and maximise efficiencies.
  • We support your marketing and communications team with tourist-friendly content to help communicate your sustainability and carbon reduction journey

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