An ideal experience for marine biology students or other thalassophiles with a passion for the ocean and ocean conservation. Volunteer for a week, two weeks or a couple of months, collecting data from rocky shores, running environmental education programs with the public and schools as well as cleaning up our local reefs and tidal pools. This is all mixed in with some amazing snorkelling (including night snorkelling with UV lights) and a brilliant location in Salt Rock, on the Dolphin Coast of South Africa.

Data Collection and Research

Volunteers are used for an ongoing project to collect data on marine bio-diversity along a rich section of rocky shores. This includes documenting data on fish species seen, nudibranchs, other invertebrates and corals. Where possibly species are documented using underwater cameras.

We urgently require assistance of an experienced biologist to assist us to set up methodology and protocols for an ongoing intertidal zone  biodiversity monitoring program.  This is a wonderful opportunity to help create and develop something of value ....and an excellent inclusion on your CV


From time to time, volunteers get involved in public awareness and running education programs for local schools visiting the tidal zone. Many of these are rural schools and this is their first experience of the ocean and marine biology. During peak holiday seasons volunteers also act as beach ambassadors, introducing tourists to the need for conserving the area and how to identify coral (as to not stand on it or damage it)

Coral Health & Litter

Volunteers get involved in daily clean up operations around our main tidal pools and rocky shore areas whilst snorkeling, removing discarded fishing line from coral and other marine debris.

Over the years, volunteer and citizen scientists have been responsible for finding scores of fish not previously known from this area and even more nudibranchs and sea slugs not yet known to science. You have a really good chance of discovering something exceptional which will help us protect this amazing piece of the African coastline. Plus time spent educating is possibly the most valuable thing we can do for conserving our oceans!

Additional Information

This volunteer opportunity is in conjunction with Tidal Tao a social entrepreneurship business based in Salt Rock South Africa. We are constantly looking for keen, passionate young conservationists to help implement projects and come up with new ideas to help protect our oceans.

The volunteer time includes a two day induction and training session for new volunteers. For those not experienced in marine biology or ocean conservation, we recommend at least a two week stay, where the first week will be focused on more in depth training and snorkelling skills.

There is a lot to do in the area, learn to surf, night snorkelling, mircolight flights, great local restaurants and an all round very cool place and community to spend some time in.

Volunteers are accommodated in shared chalets overlooking the Indian Ocean, where dolphins and whales can often be spotted over your morning cup of coffee. Accommodation is also just a short walk down to the beach where you will spend more of your time working.


  • From $470 per person per week.


  • Airport pick up / transfers from Durban or King Shaka International Airport
  • All meals and accommodation
  • Unlimited access to snorkelling gear and surf equipment
  • Training and induction sessions
  • Pre travel assistance where required

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The view from your "office" / breakfast table. Directly above where you will spend most your time working.

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