Do you ever feel that exercising in a gym just doesn’t compare to a hike, a trail run or a swim in the sea? An indoor activity doesn’t leave me feeling invigorated and energised as much as an outdoor activity does. I thought this was a matter of personal preference until reading about research that proves that outdoor activities really are better for you!

Travel, seeing new places, meeting new people is a powerful tool for a better world. It represents the greatest movement of wealth from the rich to the poor in the history of our world, it breaks down stereotypes. It helps us realise that we are all connected, we are all ONE. Be the change. We just love the power of this video clip from the UN Global Sustainable Development Goals Facebook Page (it's a cool page, go check it out)

For the business community the best question is whether we can be certain that climate change presents a substantial risk, a risk that will have a profound impact on society and the economy? To this the answer is clearly "YES".

Course Aim

This course will introduce the concept of Greenhouse Gasses and Carbon Footprint management to business leaders, SHEQ managers, entrepreneurs and environmental practitioners who wish to better understand the concept of Carbon Footprint management and how to go about calculating your organizational Carbon Footprint. On completion of this course, participants will be able to understand the requirements set out for measuring your Carbon Footprint and be able to undertake a basic Greenhouse Gas Inventory (Carbon Footprint Audit)

Is it vaguely possible for explaining “Carbon Footprints” to be fun and exciting? I doubt it. This is not exactly a fun and exciting topic, but it is possibly the most important issue our planet and our global economies have ever faced. So here is the deal, its an important concept and considering that you’re probably already paying some sort of Carbon tax on the car you drive, your overseas flights and by 2015, some level of Carbon tax will probably find its way onto the price tag of almost everything you purchase.

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